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  1. 10 Apr 2013

    Share Conference

    event Atlanta, Georgia

    We're quite thrilled to be able to speak at this great event! Built for the SharePoint business community, by the community, SHARE is where business professionals gather to learn, network, and discover innovative solutions to drive business value using SharePoint.

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  2. 8 Mar 2013

    SXSW 2013

    event Austin, Texas

    Of course, another year for ifridge means another trip to SXSW! We can't wait to check out the latest music, film, and all thing digital.

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  3. 5 Mar 2013

    2013 NewsGator Collective

    event Denver, Colorado

    We'll be in Denver for three full days of interactive workshops and networking events to help foster new ideas and build our community.

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  4. 28 Jan 2013

    Webtrends Engage

    event San Francisco, California

    Webtrends stands at the forefront of data analytics. Each year, they bring together the smartest industry minds to teach you how to supercharge your digital marketing, so we were honored to be asked to speak at the event.

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  5. 27 Nov 2012

    Gilbane Conference

    event Boston, Massachusetts

    We will be continuing our tradition of participating in the Gilbane Conference in Boston by holding a panel session on November 28th.

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  6. 12 Nov 2012

    Sharepoint Conference 2012

    event Las Vegas, Nevada

    It is this time of the year: Microsoft is hosting its annual Sharepoint Conference - and we from ifridge will not be missing out on this great opportunity to meet up with so many talents and experts.

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  7. 6 Sep 2012

    Social Networking as a Local Business Driver

    event Oldenburg, Germany

    Daniel will be presenting to local business leaders on how social networking will impact their future and why even traditional companies need to address this fundamental change that is occurring.

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  8. 19 Jun 2012

    Enterprise 2.0 Conference

    event Boston, Massachusetts

    We hope you were able to join Stefanie at this year's Enterprise 2.0 Conference.

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  9. 19 Jun 2012

    IOM Summit

    event Cologne, Germany

    The IOM Summit, in partnership with netmedia, was all about the evolution of work and how social + network = new productivity.

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  10. 6 Jun 2012

    Championships Start with Strategy - Your Business Guide

    webinar Hosted by Rob Felton

    This webinar will take you through all the aspects of a successful season and show you how to set up your business for success.

  11. 8 May 2012

    CMS Expo

    event Chicago, Illinois

    Attendance to this conference was certainly essential for all CMS experts around the world.

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  12. 2 May 2012

    Everybody is Beautiful - The Power of Differentiation

    webinar Hosted by Markus von Aschoff

    This webinar will take you down the path to learning to express your company's beauty in order to create an integrated positioning offline, online and even socially.

  13. 24 Apr 2012

    Saperion Convention

    event Berlin, Germany

    Saperion, had Daniel give the keynote speech on the 24th at this year's convention.

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  14. 18 Apr 2012

    Wework Speednetworking Event

    event New York, New York

    ifridge held a speednetworking and elevator pitch training session at our office building in NYC.

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  15. 5 Apr 2012


    event Frankfurt, Germany

    We were really honored to see our co-founder Daniel Kraft speaking at TEDx about the Evolution of Work.

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  16. 4 Apr 2012

    Building Great Companies - The Founder's Handbook

    webinar Hosted by Daniel Kraft

    This webinar takes you through the organizational barriers that occur as you grow and addresses three major transition points in the life of an entrepreneur.

  17. 22 Mar 2012


    event Berlin, Germany

    We joined great entrepreneurs and investors sharing our perspective of a green future.

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  18. 9 Mar 2012


    event Austin, Texas

    Great ideas, good music and movies! There is no question that we had to go to SXSW this year.

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  19. 6 Mar 2012


    event Hannover, Germany

    Markus was representing the ifridge management team, chatting with todays leaders and entrepreneurs.

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  20. 15 Feb 2012

    ifridge Village 2012

    event Maui, Hawaii

    ifridge Village 2012, the annual meeting of the ifridge community, was a truly amazing experience.

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  21. 10 Feb 2012


    event San Jose, California

    We participated in an awesome event about the future of Medicine.

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  22. 9 Feb 2012

    Tesla Model X World Premier

    event Los Angeles, California

    As one of the first customers for the 100% electric Tesla Model S we were invited to the world premier of the Tesla Model X.

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  23. 2 Feb 2012


    event Offenbach, Germany

    Following our tradition, we took part in the 2012 TEDxRheinmain.

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