What Does ifridge Do? (And the Other Questions that Your Content Strategy Should Address)

Event Posted 6 Sep 2012 by Rob Felton

What questions do your customers ask? If you know the answer to that simple question, then you’ve cracked the secret of content marketing. I spent the past three great days at the Content Marketing World event in Columbus, Ohio, and to say that I learned a lot would be...an understa…

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Culture, Strategy, and Content--What's for Breakfast Again?

Strategy Posted 10 May 2012 by Rob Felton

If culture eats strategy for breakfast, as Peter Drucker so famously suggested, how does one enable great strategy? And if content is the heart of all communication, be it among your co-workers, clients and partners, how does that connect back to both culture and strategy? I’ve spen…

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Choose your battles

Strategy Posted 16 Apr 2012 by Markus von Aschoff

Are you on the road a lot? Do you know how to make travel time as productive as possible? While I usually try to go by train to leverage the time to work, quite often I have to choose between five hours on four different trains or three hours in the car. What is the better choice?Going by …

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The Right Way

Strategy Posted 9 Apr 2012 by Rob Felton

April is my favorite time of the year. The flowers are starting to bloom, spring is in the air, and all I have on my mind is playoff hockey.*  Hockey. Might be a strange thing for a British expat, but my love of clean sheets of ice, power plays and the end-to-end rush was birthed at …

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We Build Great Companies

ifridge Posted 23 Feb 2012 by Daniel Kraft

As you look back to major milestones in your life, each one often boils down to a single moment that made you realize you're on to something amazing. This relates to personal and business experiences alike. I still recall the first time I saw my wife. As she left the room she "accidentally…

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