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FeatureFriday Posted 16 Dec 2011 by Daniel Kraft

Sorry for not posting last Friday, I was very busy doing nothing :-) Or at least nothing work related. I took Carina on a trip to NYC. Which made me thinking about one of the “tools” we often overlook: ‘Free Time’. I truly enjoy working with all of you plotting strategies, building great businesses - I really love it. But as we spend our time making your company the best in your market, we sometimes get caught up in the day-to-day drama of building the business, restricting not just our time in general but also forget about our ‘Free Time’.

Unlock Free Time

Free as in Freedom

For me the feature of ‘Free Time’ is first of all the freedom to think, to have my mind wander new ways, explore things. And believe me, there is no better place to do that than the home of ifridge, the greatest city of all: NYC. We all know the city for its energy, its raw power and we at ifridge especially love the entrepreneurial spirit. But what most people don’t know, is that NYC is the perfect place to relax and enjoy ‘Free Time’.

For Body … 

Freedom to think starts with getting my head clear and make room for new ideas. And while I don’t know how your brain works, I have one of those food-based energy models.


Now, finding great food in NYC is not an issue at all, the tricky part to make a decision.  So we kicked off the trip with an amazing ‘Modern Japanese’ Dinner at Megu in Tribeca. We had to combine that with next day’s lunch at Shake Shack, to keep our average meal price in balance :-) The important part is to prepare your body for the ‘Free Time’.

… and Soul

There is no better place on a rainy day than one of the many great NYC museums. This time it was the MET. You would not believe how peaceful this - usually crowded - museum can be when you’re the first in the morning to get in. Personally I don’t care much for the fancy interpretations of the feeling the artist might have had while distributing random strokes of color. Yet I recommend the audio tour as you can at least learn a lot about the context in which art was created.

Square by Square

I am more a practical person. The picture above illustrates an interesting technique where the artist takes a subject and turns it into a number of small little squares and paints them one by one without caring for the bigger picture. By focusing on one square at the time, the painting looks a little odd, but the important part is, that you can clearly see the bigger picture. Not sure how to translate that into business but at least got me thinking and isn’t that the goal of ‘Free Time’ anyway … plus, my first own painting is now in the making.  


The only issue with ‘Free Time’ is to find it. I am the first to admit that I am not applying it nearly enough. It’s hard to squeeze ‘Free Time’ into your schedule and let’s face it, it is not very user friendly. You need to manually sync with all the people around you, so many moving parts and just when you think you nailed it, somebody gives you a call … but the bottom line is: It is absolutely worth the effort. 

See blow more picture of the tour.

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