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ifridge Posted 23 Feb 2012 by Daniel Kraft

As you look back to major milestones in your life, each one often boils down to a single moment that made you realize you're on to something amazing. This relates to personal and business experiences alike. I still recall the first time I saw my wife. As she left the room she "accidentally" touched my shoulder for just enough of a moment to change my life forever. I'll also never forget the ‘dading-dading’ of my first modem connecting me to the thing later called 'Internet'. Those are the moments you just know: magic has happened and the ride of your life is about to begin.


The Ride of Your Life

I’ve just returned from an amazing week with the team at ifridge Village event in Hawaii, and I think I might have just had one of those phenomenal moments that are so worth remembering. We were just enjoying the mind blowing sunrise over the volcano of Mount Haleakala and started racing downhill with our bikes. Not knowing how fast I could go, I simply kept pace with Florian, one of our analysts, telling myself, “If he can do, I can do it.” 

What I didn't know is that he is not just the very bright kid we hired him for, he is also a fearless athlete. As we raced downhill, we got faster and faster and each curve felt like a ride on a roller coaster. I could swear there was fire jetting behind us as our helmets cut through the wind and we descended 10,000ft in just minutes. If it wasn't for him, I would have lost it at the first turn (or biked down like an old lady).


Throw a Stone

As we stopped for breakfast  - adrenaline still pumping, feeling like the rocket man  - I asked him: why did you come to ifridge, what is it that we do that is so special and he quotes (“Slap and Tickle” from Squeeze): "You have to throw the stone to get the pool to ripple.” and he continues that “many entrepreneurs have such a stone and we help them to throw the stone, create big waves and then ride them. Which basically means we help them with strategy, innovation, going to market and operations. To sum it up: We build great companies.

We're Building Great Companies

We've been working all week getting our messaging straight and here I am sitting next to a kid almost half my age, who was not just leading the way down the volcano but also leading in how to change the world. As we continued our race, I knew that we were onto something great. We're not just playing hard and working hard, we're doing it together. 

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