Smart Sourcing: What is your buffet strategy?

Operations Posted 4 Jul 2011 by Markus von Aschoff

While I enjoyed an awesome breakfast, I realized two types of buffet strategies. On the one hand the people went for “I know what I want and I want a lot of it”. One guy for example completely ate the salmon. The other type I recognized, was the “I want as much different tastes”-buffet strategist.

Later that day I had an interesting conversation about hiring in a growth-phase of an organization, which reminded me of the buffet strategies. From the buffet of resources the CEO budgeted for a VP of Marketing, to fulfill the ambitious growth goals. He was about to hire a guy, who was a veteran in corporate marketing for huge companies.

During our conversation we realized, that he needs a VP of Marketing, an Enablement Expert, a Writer, a Designer, a PR-Expert, a Web Strategist and a Product Manager. But working for huge companies (like the potential new hire) usually means to work in very focused roles and to have a lot of hands to get stuff done. So the question was, if a corporate Marketeer expert is the best fit for a company, who is in growth mode? And if this person is ready to cope with the challenges of a growing company with no corporate structures?

We came up with the 4/4 approach. In order to achieve ambitious growth goals in a very short timeframe, he needs instead of one fulltime expert a quarter of four experts. The flipside is, that it increases the efforts for finding the needed talent and the questions is, whether these people can work together as a team.

While at that days we were just able to capture the request, fortunately today we at ifridge have an answer to this 4/4 challenge. I enjoy very much to be part of a great team and support growing companies as one of multiple experts. Let us know, when you are facing the 4/4 challenge, too :-)


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