ifridge Village: Hawaii - Ready for Adventure

Event Posted 16 Feb 2012 by Stefanie Lightman

ifridge Village: Hawaii is about to start and as people arrive in Maui from all over the world I’d like to give you a little preview of what is about to happen. Once a year the ifridge community is coming together to work hard, collaborate and celebrate. We’ll spend long days learning from experiences, working on plans for the upcoming year and sharing ideas on how to build an even better ifridge experience. 


You’re Family

It’s more common to separate employees and clients but many of you made us feel like family, so we are very happy to call you part of the ifridge family, too. We believe in your ideas, business and success. Look at our friends at Dr. Johanna Budwig that just achieved the “Health Product of the Year Award” or the great team at Sitrion that make life with SAP so much more fun (Thanks Markus for the picture).


A Great Team Taking on the Big Waves

We founded ifridge on the passion for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas helping you make them a reality. With each addition to the team, we see this excitement grow. From teaching strategy by a segway to the basics of business planning. We are thinking success every step of the way. 


It is with great pleasure that we announce the first highlights of the event. Markus von Aschoff, our secret co-founder, will take the next step and join the ifridge & Company management team and lead for our strong German team. 

As a tradition, we also hand awards to those that go the extra mile. This year Jens Haack, our Director Operations is awarded the “Getting Things Done” award for his extraordinary work taking our company and structure to the next level.

Our Story

Screen_Shot_2012-02-15_at_5.46.40_AM.pngIf you’ve visited the About page over the last years, it is not surprising that like most growing companies, we’ve changed it a few times. The underlying story has been the same since Day 1 but our articulation continues to evolve. We believe in practicing exactly what we share with our clients. 

Going into this event we asked two of the newest team members to capture our thinking around “who we are” and “what we do”. We’ve done this exercise so often with other companies, we wanted to take the time to do it for ourselves. We’ll be sure to post the feedback during the week. 

So if you notice we are offline more than usual or not sending as many emails, you now know why. This is the most important days for us all year. We work hard and play hard - all in the name of Adventure!

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