ifridge Village: New York

Our second annual ifridge Village: New York came together wonderfully.  From September 11-13, 2013, we worked with an impressive group of European entrepreneurs to help them break into the American market.  The exciting agenda included:

  • Incorporating 101 & Finances: We asked Reinhard Augustin about Inc. vs. LLC? How does the money thing work here? Taxes?  
  • Raising Capital and Pitch Training: Prominent Venture Capitalists provided insiders’ guides to raising capital.
  • Strategy and Positioning in a New Environment: Daniel Kraft and Stefanie Lightman led strategy, positioning, and sales workshops.
  • Getting Down to Business: Markus von Aschoff will held a discussion on going from product to market, and Jens Haack provided the nitty gritty on what you need to do to prepare for an expansion.
  • Benefits and Culture of NYC: Carlton Vann, the Director of the Division for International Business of the Mayor's Office, spoke about the city's best initiatives and programs.
  • Biting Into the Big Apple: Our visitors befriended other Entrepreneurs who have found success in NYC.


A highlight of the event was the German Innovation Showcase, where our visitors got to pitch to, and receive feedback from, a panel of prominent Venture Capital Investors and startup experts, which included, Lucas Nelson of Gotham Ventures, David Teten of ff Venture Capital and Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York, Brian Frumberg of VentureOutNY, and Stefanie Lightman of ifridge & Company. 

As a co-host, the German Center for Research and Innovation arranged for this event to be held at the beautiful auditorium at the German Consulate. In addition to the pitching sessions, we enjoyed networking over wine and hors d'oeuvres. The crowd was filled with entrepreneurs, angel investors, and industry experts

We'll certainly be holding ifridge Village: New York again next year, so get in touch if you'd like to get involved next time!


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Daniel Introducing the Presenters

ifridge Team with the Director of the GCRI

Audience at our German Innovation Showcase

Networking and cocktails at the GIS

A break for Burgers at the Palm