A Win for All

Event Posted 24 Oct 2013 by Jesse Waxman

So many days of hosting foreign entrepreneurs in NYC recently; we’re getting good at helping companies break into the Big Apple! Just last week, we wrapped up our second “Germany to NYC” event, a Delegation from Hamburg, organized by Senator Frank Horch. But before that was the …

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So Who's at ifridge Village: New York?

Event Posted 29 Aug 2013 by Daniel Kraft

Just two more weeks and ifridge Village: New York will be upon us. It’s the opportunity to stop whining and get up on stage to show the world that you're ready to rock. Our funders will take the stage at the German House to share why they deserve your attention, respect and funding t…

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Take a Moment to Remember

Event Posted 15 Aug 2013 by Jesse Waxman

With ifridge Village: New York now just a month away, the excitement has really become tangible.  This “Germany to NYC” event has a jam-packed agenda that will be even more productive and educational than last year’s.  However, there had been one thing on the agenda that everyo…

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Can You Really Measure ROI

Marketing Posted 27 Jun 2013 by Stefanie Lightman

Part of any good strategy is to understand what drives your business. Marketing savvy organizations understand the concept of demand generation, the impact it has on sales and the metrics you should watch to understand the ROI of your marketing efforts. Over the last years this conver…

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Working for the Future

Event Posted 13 Jun 2013 by Jesse Waxman

ifridge has spent the last 6 months partnering with the NJ Tech Meetup in order to find ways to give back to a community that has been so kind to us while simultaneously helping to foster an even stronger entrepreneurial environment. Each month, we coach three entrepreneurs on their pi…

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